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Sunday, November 28, 2010

People and Potraits. #Classic

You know what, I have searched some portraits that would being used for this blog. And whoa! I found many many many thousands of amazing classic portraits.

Their face, their wardrobes, their stuff, oh my… AWESOME!!!! Errrr, I can’t describe it, enjoy!

These are the faces of the man, soooo Franche, Spanish, Portugal, British - Europe's faces, a face that so classic, just not like the Americans.

oooooohhhh, my.....
Their so classic, prestigious, cool, combination of beauty and georgeous, and their tuxedo...
Oh, dear, who's your name, by the way? :D *Okay, the next picture....

I think you should be understand why I'm being crazy about these picture.

Look at their eyes. They totally have different eyes with the Americans and Asian, off course. 

The lips, mandible of their face, their nose....


My sister said: " Ah, yeah, We both know now what the reason of why the god's myth come from the Greece. Look at their faces. If the god have face like that, I will be not married human. And choose one of Hercules, or, Percy Jackson, or Zeus, or whatever..." *And she caress her pregnancy, I think she started hopes her child, if he was a boy, have a face like them.

Stop talking about the man, I started crazy and scare, how about if I falling love with one of them just becaused their picture?
Hahahaha, no no no.  :D

And now the girls....

The girls, they have different style, passion when they focus for cameras.
The classic girls face always have different features.They too silent, they were just looks good from up to down.

They have their own taste, dark hair, dark make up, dark smookey eyes.

Very classic.
Emmm, this girl...
I like her hair, her clothes, what she did with her hair and the eyes.

yeah, the nose. Thought, I dont have that beauty nose.... :(


What? What? What?

I am a javanesse, and almost the javanesse girls don't have the beauty nose but WE ALL HAVE THE BEAUTY FACE... :p hahahahahahaha...

Anyway, there are some classic face on Hollywood, just like: Zoey Deschannel, Katy Perry, Lilly Allen, Madonna, and many many many more. Hoahhhmmmm... :O

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