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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Not a resolution Peps, a welcome for 2018

Sadly, I’m not a kind of person who sets anything on paper, even I am a writer. Its funny but that makes me a listed person anyway. I’ve to solved one problem before solved another one.
But, the truth always revealed in the end. So, I think I don't really need any resolutions here. Just follow the way, through the faith, fight for my family as usual, its gonna be enough. Have none a huge resolution cause year would be passed as it was.
My mind took me back for years ago. I’ve never wrote any resolution but I wrote my dreams in my paper. Actually it just happen cause a task from my philosophy lecturer on that day. The task is simple. Our class have to write 5 dreams in our journal and then we have to open it in 5 years later. No one took it seriously. And me too.

As I remember, I wrote these dreams:
  1. Have A and C driving license
  2. Move from this small city
  3. Have a good job
  4. Graduated in perfect time
  5. Married a good man
Sound silly and naive just like me on that year (2007), a girl with 19 years old who date her senior (actually me wasn’t married him anyway LOL).

I already forgot till I fought my journal when I was back to my hometown to took some original certificate on my old house, since I have to left that city followed my parents to Jakarta. When I read that dreams, I just laugh. But 3 of them already came true. No 2, 3 and 4. Believe or not.

Days goes by, years flew away, When everything goes well, I just forgot again that journal till today. When I wrote this.

And you know, that 5 dreams of me already came true. Something that I didn’t imagine would be happened. My philosophy lecturer told us on that day:

“Dreams or resolutions or goals is never happened easily. Took our universe to help you in the perfect time. May be when you write this 5 dreams, may be one of you will got it after this class ended. But the others may be need other days though years. So, kept that dreams safety. Opened it 5 years later. And you would be smile, one of them or may be all of them already came true. I hope you would repeated every 5 years to write your dreams. Its a simple prayed, but a huge hope. Good luck!”

So, for me, resolution is not write or think easily you pass a new year. After you dream it, tried to achieved it. Conscious or not, God already hear it to give it when you READY.

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