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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Under Maintenance

So, I have to maintenance my blog themes, side bar, widgets, etc. Since I knew that my previous blog was so colorfull that I'm in a earthy colors mood today. For you that already visit, read or just view my blog, might be you would see my widgets were still need any repair in here and there. Cause I'm a very busy fulltime mum :D.... Yeah, you know I don't hired any nanny for my baby, then I have to taking care my online shop and shipping the package every day. My free time aren't too much. 1-2 hour(its divided with upload new products and reply customer chat) a day if my baby got sleep or her dad helped me here. The rest is sleeping time or nap time, for build my energy a little.

Really need a holiday, really. But I need a lot of money to do that or this or thus, LOL.


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