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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

When I decided to start a new work (again)

Honestly, I never thought that I would started this early. For sure, I realized that we need getting fat on financial issues in a couple next year. Yeah you know, the school fee of a preschool is a expensive ones and I don’t want make my husband take that responsibility alone. And of course for the next school levels which is have more expensive price. -,-

Yeah, I was grew up on a working mom family. My mum was a banker, my biologic mum was a seller door to door. Then my aunt, a second parents of mine, was a teacher since I don’t remember anymore LOL.

That culture always pushed me harder everyday since knew that our daily groceries was not in hundred thousand rupiahs anymore for a month but more than 1 million. And this girl, yeah, my girl already need new stuff like new diapers size, new shoes with new size, new dress for party and so on. And fyi, now she was already knew about snacking time. Sighs.

As for long time, I opened an online shop, that still didn’t covered all our needs. I need a permanent financial every month.

So here I am, every night, beside upload new product, I was hunted some new job. My husband was not refused my proposal. With any conditions of course such as the standard working hours, not shifting, not in the weekend, not too far away from our home, covered our preschool and daycare fee, my private needs and still have more to saving in our girl bank account.

And yeah, lucky me, one of the company that I applied for was called me for interview. The range location is about 12 kms or 20-30 minutes drive from our home. Yeah not too far but not so close, and yeah that the good reasons to didn’t ignore it. As fyi, my husband office just about 5 minutes to go. I didn’t expected too much for accepted as an employee in the first impressions. But yeah, I can learned new experience at least. I’m already didn’t work for almost 2 years. And for the last company that I worked for, I already joined for 3 years. Almost forgot how to introduce myself in an official way LOL. And yeah, I’m not young anymore, I really understand that company out there search for fresh talent not an middle experience like me.

Okay, so, wish me luck. I wish you were luck on your life too. xoxo

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