Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Letter to God

I know. There is no guarantee love always easy and beauty. Love is a difficult way. I tried to learn, I always tried to survive, I always pray that never get broke again. But this is my damn life. I always tried tried tried to rejected on content myself with loneliness, sadness and pains. But I got failed.

God, I’m hoping only with you, I’m praying, I’m asking.

Is it working?

Am I too selfish?

Am I?

I wondered why, why you give me all these pain, all these tears, till I feel numb and fool.

I kept my best. I did. I tried to make a happiness but never got satisfied.

God, you are the only one that I had. When no one notice me, no one takes my hand, no one cares. Am I asking too much? Yeah, I know, i asked too much.

But, there are a lot of reasons why I do that, why I say that.

God, if I can’t find my way home anymore, when all that waves broke my shore, when I don’t have a beautiful dream again, just kept me stronger. Because, it was the only reason why I’m still breathing.

All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love.
-- Leo Tolstoy

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Anonymous said...

trust nobody except God.