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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Struggle of Heart

One year 2 months, its 425 days, its 61.2 million minutes. But never get enough for you to understand me, understand us, understand that this relationship being fragile days by days. And with my whole heart, my whole hands, I keep it alone. And you, because you know, you really know, I love you too much, you just want take everything so easy.

Dont you know, I always tried to understand you. You, with your perfection, your negatives mind, your abillity, your bad feelings to everything, your untrusted sense to everyone, you and yours.

Dont you know it makes me feel weak days by days too? Dont you think that someday, if i really really weak, I cant walk this relationship anymore? And then its succesfull hit this feeling, and I can't walk beside you anymore.

I can't tell anything with you till you got sleep at night. I can't being there when you need me. I can't grab your hand to make you feel stronger. I can't smile to you anymore. I can't do anything for you.

Can you imagine that? Because I imagine that everyday since that day.

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