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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Ways to Make You Famous on Your Social Media

Well, actually, there are too many people in my instagram feed that was so annoying. They posted everything, I MEAN EVERYTHING. Like, you would go to a bathroom and you (almost) showed off your private area, you've french kissed your partner but I know you didn't actually married yet (Yeah, u can called me classy), or you were back from your daily work then you just almost naked in your bed but at the same time you already have a kid that might be someday would see that feed literally.

Its always up to you when you were a teenager. But you have to think twice to posted it when you were already a worker of a some company or might be you were already have a kid at your home with full internet access.

Oh, yeah, may be, just may be, you want to get an attention from somebody. Then you were already on the next step! 😉

So, here I would share my opinion ways to make you famous instantly on your social media.

Negativity more faster to get attention than positivism. Its real. For some people positive vibes are so boring. Everybody can do it. But negativity, we need more guts to make it happens. We have to ready and surrender people would judge us extremely bad.

Everyone can buy anything now as far as they have money in their buckets. When you have a lot of followers, likes and comments, people would suddenly notice you. Even there no good goals from your feed. Just a bad influence for everybody but attracted a lot of people to come.

Trends not always fit with your body. But if you want to be famous, you have to follow the trends. Even it have to get credit someday, you have not really care about it. Trends make you famous even it was bad for your body.

Nah, that was my opinions for make you a hits maker on social media instantly. Do you wanna try?


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