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Saturday, November 20, 2010

His Fashion Minded

Started addicted with sunglasses? Yeah, me too. But, the summer has gone, and welcome home the raindrop! Emmm, Is it okay still wear sunglasses?

Anyway, talk about sunglasses, make me remember about my conversation with him, again, a few nights ago. My boyfriend was a man-who-cares-his-personal style, that’s why I don’t feel weird to talk everything about fashion with him. And I don’t know why, he started addicted with Rob Pattinson since we were watching Twilight’s movies a few months ago. Yeah, I think he were decided become his fans since we were finished watch that movies.

Him : “Hey, babe, what do you think if I buy a Ray-Ban sunglasses?”
Me  : “Aaah, Ray Ban… that’s cool one. What shape that you want?”
Him : “Mmm, something that closed with Rob Pattinson’s sunglasses, may be.”
Me  : *rolling eyes. Well, he was good wear that sunglasses, I don’t know, Is that good for you too?”
Him : “Errr, I don’t know. But that’s a cool one. And I finally found the name of that sunglasses. Ray-ban Wayfarer. Search it, hon!”

And I found this picture. His number one Idol for now. 

And this is the close up picture of my bf-sunglasses-want-to-buy, The Wayfarer.

Me  : “Yeah, I found it. Are you sure you want to buy that sunglasses, baby?”
Him : “Off course, why not. And I will wear it with some kind of a leather jacket and jeans. How cool is that?”

Errr, I think my boyfriend started too much care with his dressing up.

Me  : “Ah, dear, you forget some stuff that must you bring them too with your cool style.”
Him : “What?”
Me  : “ An I-pad, Blackberry, and a stylish girlfriend beside you.”

    It sounds like a Hollywood Celebrities.
   Emma Roberts with her I-pad and Ray-Ban Sunglasses. Cool.

Him : “Ah, that’s right! I think that you’ve must find your sunglasses too. And we can wear them when we are hanging out together. I can imagine how cool couple we are.”
Me  : “….”

Well, anyway, its funny hear your lovely boyfriend was talking too much about style. Because we all know, sometimes they were looked autism with their hobbies, just like my boyfriend with his online games.

At least, yeah, I do want Ray-Ban sunglasses too. But, I want some kind of Ray-Ban sunglasses that similar with Kristen Steward and Dakota Fanning’s dressing in The Runaways movie poster.


Yeah, the vintage one. >,<

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aaaaaa, ganteng Rob Pattinsonnyaaaaaaaaaa... >,<